FAQ about wellbeing at your workplace

How to do yoga at work while staying fresh and presentable?

All of our teachers give lessons in a cool pace and taking into account that in the majority of companies, teams have neither the equipment nor the time to shower after class.

It is possible to practice without sportswear as long as everyone wears flexible clothes (in a suit or suit and tie, it’s difficult!).

What are the benefits when you do yoga at work ? 

The effects of practices such as yoga or meditation have been scientifically demonstrated by numerous studies: regulation of heart rate and blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety levels, reduction in sleep problems and migraines as well as lower back pain and joint pain including many other benefits, even with short practices as long as they are regular.

Practicing in the office means being able to recharge your batteries in the heart of the action, and then continue your activity and make decisions more easily and in a positive state of mind. See  our article on Linkedn for more details.

Can the courses take place via videoconference? 

Yes of course, all of our courses and most of our workshops can be given virtually! We also offer flexibility to our customers, with formulas that allow people to switch freely from face-to-face to virtual, or even mixed formulas (for example the teacher comes to your premises if the current measures allow it, on a day when more members of your team are present and you retransmit by video to collaborators in teleworking).

Online courses can take place on our Zoom accounts, or on our clients’ MS Teams or Skype business accounts.

Is the formula you are proposing better than offering subscriptions in a studio or “sports vouchers” with our teams?

A lot easier to implement, the Yoga@Office solution is  fully tax deductible and creates a real well-being policy within your premises. Where your employees need it most and when their work will benefit the most: they recharge their batteries in the very heart of the action. For example at lunchtime, without wasting time on the move, they stay in their team and return to work with a better capacity for concentration and decision-making.

Do we need to have a large room to organise these courses?

No, not especially, we come to check with you how many people can take a course in the room you make available. It can be a meeting room with tables and chairs pushed out of the way at the start of each class:  no need for a dedicated space! Solutions with other neighbouring businesses or in the same building can also be found, or seated yoga formulas which use office chairs for postures that can be easily reproduced on other days of the week.

It’s also not necessary to have showers. Our teachers adapt their lessons to  “no sweat yoga”  to easily allow everyone to resume their work afterwards.

Of course, if you want a completely virtual formula, this question does not arise.

For the workshops, they take place in the meeting room (or via video).

How to practice yoga during office hours?

Whether your teams are in the office or working from home, it takes very little equipment to practice yoga; just a mat and a little space around that mat. Ideally also a cushion and a blanket (during the final relaxation, the body cools quickly).

At the office, we offer equipment rental formulas. For your teleworking teams, a good gymnastics or yoga mat is the only material to acquire to be placed on a soft floor.

Our lessons are gentle, to avoid sweating and be able to return to work in the best conditions after the lesson!

What is chair yoga? Is this a good formula at office? 

Chair Yoga is a branch of yoga that only involves standing positions or using a chair. This can be a good solution in a company if you do not (always) have a free meeting room or other room to host group lessons. It is also interesting to vary, because the Chair Yoga allows you to easily execute certain postures while remaining in the environment of your office.

What are the benefits of sitting massage at the office (Amma massage)?

The Amma chair massage was developed in the West precisely to promote stress reduction in the workplace, especially after its inception in the Apple company.

Studies have shown that chair massage improves concentration and cognitive performance in general, improves creativity and motivation, stimulates team spirit and decreases absenteeism. See our article on Linkedn for more details.

How does a yoga session work practically in a business with Yoga@Office? 

Your dedicated teacher will come to your office (or log in) 10 minutes before the start of the course. There is a conversation of 2-3 minutes especially during the first sessions to know the possible physical concerns of some participants (back pain etc) then postures and relaxation exercises practiced standing, sitting and lying and then finally lying relaxation to integrate all the benefits of the practice.

An exchange of a few minutes with questions and possible feedback can take place at the end of the session.

Why choose Yoga @ Office to organise classes in my company? 

Our team of more than 25 teachers and experts all have long, varied and quality training courses to their credit, they are multilingual, experienced in business, and can adapt to different audiences. Their rich and interesting profile allows them to bring much more than just 1 hour of well-being to your offices.

This vast team allows us to guarantee you courses and workshops in the niche of your choice, and to ensure replacements; you thus avoid the prolonged absences that you will encounter with an isolated professor.

We have 4 years of experience in corporate well-being, both in the private and public sector, in large firms as well as in micro-enterprises, for complete long-term programs such as more occasional interventions.

We offer this experience at your service to provide you with real support in choosing the ideal wellness program for YOU.

Candice Barbé, the founder, attaches great importance to maintaining personnalised and privileged relationships with each client and puts her expertise at your disposal.

Unlike many players, we focus on well-being activities only, to offer a coherent catalog in the areas that we excel in.

We offer very competitive prices, especially considering the quality of our service; we also regularly win public contracts.

Finally, we can provide you with all the accessories  you need to organise classes on your premises.

So you can set up a wellness policy very easily and in a short time, because we take care of everything!

Also see what our customers say about us, they are the ones who talk about it the best …

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