Group classes in Pilates and stretching

Every week (or at a pace that suits you) your teacher will come to your offices for your regular well-being appointment, or connect with Skype business / Microsoft Teams / Zoom for your online class. Together we pre-determine the ideal schedule for you, and provide you with quality equipment if you need.

All disciplines can be adapted to best suit your business and team : “no sweat” sessions, if your premises are not equipped with showers, alternation of classes in several languages or different disciplines, “fusion” classes of dance mixed with stretching, music lessons, etc …

Pilates – balancing and strengthening the muscles for an improved posture and joint relaxation through fluid movements. This famous method can greatly benefit with back problems.

Stretching & floor bar – an invitation to fluidify your movements, tone up, and improve your concentration during a stretch; the floor bar is a mixture of Pilates and ballet, practiced on the ground, which allows muscular reinforcement and flexibility without risk of back injury.