OUR Yoga, Do in & Pilates classes create a pleasant working climate in your company

Are your teams physically strained, suffering from back pain, neck pain or simply sitting down most of the day?

They are also mentally tense, complaining of a lot of stress, fatigue, insomnia

Some members of the team are perhaps close to a burnout?

The tensions within teams multiply and telecommuting has further strengthened this need for a practice that brings them together and makes them feel good ,

All this has an effect on the performance of your business and absenteeism has an increasing cost …

The classes that Yoga@Office organises will create a whole new atmosphere within your team !

Thanks to our group classes in Yoga, Do in or Pilates, your employees will feel better in their body, more relaxed and soothed.

You will see the relationships within the teams become more easy.

You will find fulfilled and focused employees who are committed to contributing to the mission of your company.

And all this for a much more reasonable budget than that due to absenteeism…


The benefits of yoga in the workplace

The benefits of yoga have been established by numerous scientific studies, and by our happy clients

It acts on stress, prevention of depression, memory and concentration, back pain, sleep (see our more detailed article on this subject).

The effects of Pilates on back pain are also famous.

Customers who have trusted us for 3 years are delighted with the positive image they now give to their teams and even allows them to attract new talents.

Your team will be grateful to you for setting up this regular collective meeting to take a break, stretch and breathe together before returning to work in great shape …

So if you dream of walking through the halls of your business, seeing smiling faces and admiring your numbers on the rise, contact us now ! 

We are here to create with you the wellness program best suited to the needs and desires of your team :

  • rhythm and schedule
  • seated yoga where available office chairs are used
  • “fusion” session which mixes yoga and Pilates or relaxation
  • “No sweat yoga” if your premises are not equipped with showers
  • alternating courses in several languages or different disciplines
  • music lessons, etc …

    We take care of the organisation to make your life easier :

    • we can provide you with equipment or advise you on its purchase
    • we provide replacements in the event of the absence of your regular teacher
    • we help you with your internal communication to make your initiative a success
    • we are in regular contact with your manager for feedback and to make the necessary adjustments so that you get the greatest benefits from your wellbeing program

    A few words about these corporate wellbeing solutions

    Yoga  – an alternation of postures, breathing exercises and relaxation, at a softer or more dynamic pace according to your wishes. A must, very popular with all and ideal for combining the well-being of body and mind.

    Do in – release of the joints by stretching, stimulating certain acupuncture points and self-massages to balance the flow of energy and strengthen the immune system. Less known, it is very accessible to all and appreciated for the well-being it creates.

    Pilates – fluid movements and physical exercises for muscle building, improved posture and joint flexibility. More exclusively focused on the body than the previous ones, it helps enormously with back problems.

    To receive a personnalised offer adapted to your needs, which we will specify together, 

    click below to get in touch !

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