Group classes in Yoga, Relaxation and Mindfulness

Every week (or at a pace that suits you) your teacher will come to your offices for your regular well-being appointment, or connect with Microsoft Teams / Skype business / Zoom to offer you your online class. Together we pre-determine the ideal schedule for you, and provide you with quality equipment if you need.

All disciplines can be adapted to best suit your business and team : seated yoga (if office chairs are available), sessions of more than one hour, sessions that mix yoga and meditation or another discipline, “no sweat yoga” if your premises are not equipped with showers, alternating classes in several languages or different disciplines, etc …

Mindfulness training is also possible. 

Yoga – alternating postures, breathing exercises and relaxation, at a slower or more dynamic pace according to your wishes. Ideal for combining body wellness with reduced anxiety and increased concentration and memory

Yoga Nidra / Guided relaxation – a quiet and effortless journey through the sound of the soothing voice of your teacher, liying down, in a warm and comforting atmosphere. This technique helps find the peace inside oneself that is always present amongst the changing circumstances of life. Regenerative method that helps in reducing anxiety, stress, insomny, and calms the central nervous system to enjoy serenity in everyday life.

Sound journey –  mixture of sound healing, vibratory massage, relaxation and effortless meditation ; liying down, this journey uses the power of the sound (Tibetan bowls, singing bowls, gongs, harmonium …) and its vibration to cleanse our physical and energetic bodies. 

Méditation (classic or dynamic) – movements to pause the body and to learn centering, and concentration techniques. The same positive effects as yoga on stress and cognitive functions with less focus on the body. Ideal in addition to another sport practice