Sitting massage – an original break to disconnect and recharge

How do your shoulders feel as you read this? What about your neck and lower back? Is your body wonderfully relaxed?

Imagine receiving a massage at your workplace today. We can see you and your colleagues nodding enthusiastically now!


Chair Massage at Work – What Is It?

A chair massage in the workplace offers employees a wonderful moment to recharge between tasks. Physical blockages are eased, and mental and physical stress and tension become a thing of the past. The faces of those leaving the massage room say it all!

Maintaining the same posture for long periods—often poor posture—leads to chronic physical pain and stiffness. For most teams, this involves sitting, whether in a car or at the office. But it also applies to standing postures in certain jobs. Stressful hours and workloads cause mental tensions too.

This stress and tension situation is well-known and often leads to demotivation and absenteeism. In 2022, Belgium had a 7% rate of long-term sickness at work compared to only 4% unemployment (Article La Libre Belgique, 15 janvier 2023).

All this affects employee performance and health, which is precisely what you want to avoid, right?

Yoga@Office - bien-être en entreprise en Belgique - yoga, Pilates, massages, teambuilding - wellbeing at the office

A Magical Solution – From Stressed to Refreshed

Scientific studies have shown the mental and physical wellness benefits of massage therapy.

The skilled hands of a qualified massage therapist relieve pain and soothe the mind and body before, during, or after a busy schedule. The negative effects of work stress are mitigated.

Forbes magazine has found that workplace massages are so beneficial that they have become essential for many companies, which now view employee well-being not as an optional expense but as an investment in productivity and vitality.

Steve Jobs and Apple: Pioneers of Workplace Chair Massage

Known for redefining the relationship between companies and their employees, Steve Jobs was quick to introduce chair massages at Apple in the 1980s, similar to other Silicon Valley companies. By 1984, Apple regularly provided up to 350 chair massages per week.

Steve Jobs was among the first to promote an employee-centered environment. He transformed the traditional HR department into a service focused on creating a welcoming, stimulating, and supportive workplace. Although Apple employees often worked over 60 hours per week, Jobs ensured they were well-supported and pampered, with chair massages being one of the methods used.

How to Practically Approach Chair Massage in the Workplace?

Chair massage is a sophisticated blend of relaxation and acupressure originating from traditional Japanese medicine. It incorporates elements from Amma and Shiatsu massage and was developed by David Palmer in San Francisco in the early 1980s.

David designed an ergonomic massage chair with a carpenter, supporting the torso, head, and arms, allowing the person to relax completely while remaining seated in regular office attire.

This massage is done fully clothed, though loosening a tie might be more comfortable 😉. It is very suitable for the office environment for all types of teams.

Ideally, a chair massage lasts 20 minutes but can be adjusted as needed.

Our team brings the specific massage chair to your workplace, where employees can take a short break from work. We also create a relaxing atmosphere with essential oil diffusers, soft music, and possibly candles (see our video here).

This moment can really help your employees disconnect, even in just 20 minutes.

The massage focuses on the most strained areas at work: the neck, shoulders, back, and hands, which accumulate significant tension.

Despite being very relaxing, this massage is also suitable for the office environment as it doesn’t induce sleep but instead enhances concentration, allowing employees to return to work effectively after their session.

Such massage sessions can be organized even for very large teams, with multiple masseurs working simultaneously, whether for company events or regularly for a few hours each month or week.

We are here to guide you in organizing the most suitable arrangement for your company’s specific needs.

Many Creative Applications

A quiet, empty room… That’s all it takes to give your employees a wonderful moment. This room can be very small, just a few square meters.

But more creative and bucolic solutions are also possible! The Yoga@Office team loves brainstorming with clients to find even more refreshing places to bring wellness to teams.

We have done chair massages on the beach at Knokke: feet in the sand, face in the wind, accompanied by the sound of the waves… An unforgettable memory for us and the company! We have also done these massages for a large group from the European Commission during an event in the gardens of Bois de la Cambre, and for another large group of teachers in the gardens of the Château de Ham-sur-Heure.

Anything is possible!

In a more traditional setting, we have also been available to an IT team throughout an entire weekend, very intense due to the installation of a new operating system. Instead of scheduling appointments as we usually do, we were present all day to allow everyone to come for a massage whenever they needed a short break.

“There are some things in life where it’s better to receive than to give, and massage is one of them.”

– Al Michaels


Need More Proof? Researchers Examine Chair Massage

Several studies, including one from the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida, have shown that workplace chair massage helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. The study found an improvement in brain performance and revealed that 15 minutes of chair massage were more effective at reducing anxiety than a simple break of the same duration. Workers who received chair massages were also faster and more accurate in solving mathematical equations.

The brain’s ability to function more efficiently, combined with a decrease in anxiety and an increase in overall satisfaction, well-being, and health, leads to significantly better professional performance.

“Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we’ve looked at.”

– Tiffany Field, Ph.D. Miami Touch Research Institute

Furthermore, several studies show that workplace massage reduces blood pressure, cortisol levels, and work-related stress. Studies indicate that workers who receive massages are more alert, have better emotional control, and experience fewer sleep problems.

Additionally, massages improve blood circulation, which translates to better concentration and energy levels. Stress and tension issues, as well as physical discomforts such as repetitive strain injuries, back pain, headaches, muscle tightness, and joint pain, are also effectively addressed.

It is clear that chair massage has firmly established its place in the workplace environment!

Yoga@Office - bien-être en entreprise en Belgique - yoga, Pilates, massages, teambuilding - wellbeing at the office

Do you want to have your employees sit down for a reason other than a team meeting?
Discuss the possibilities with us in a short meeting where we will brainstorm together to optimize the overall well-being of your employees!

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