Our chair massage sessions at office revitalise your teams 

Perhaps your team suffers physically from tension in the shoulders, neck or back?

Are they mentally tense as well, exposed to a lot of stress and distracted ?

Or maybe some are close to burnout?

Working from home has increased their need for a good time that is resourceful.

All this has an effect on the performance of your business and absenteeism has an increasing cost …

Chair massage at office will boost their motivation and create a whole different work atmosphere !

Thanks to our sitting massages offered in your workplace, your employees will feel better in their body, more relaxed and also more concentrated.

And all this for a much more reasonable budget than that due to absenteeism…

The benefits of chair massage at office


The benefits of seated chair massage have been studied for many years : its effects on stress reduction in the workplace are well established.

Like any massage, it increases the production of 2 hormones – oxytocin and serotonin – which have an immense role in our mood and our well-being : confidence, empathy, reduction of stress, anxiety and depression.

Even for a short time, it also has an effect on blood pressure, blood circulation, pain, the immune system, and sleep (see our article on Linkedn on this subject, in French).

It has been shown that it improves concentration, creativity and motivation, boosts team spirit and reduces absenteeism . 

It is no coincidence that the Apple company has been using it for decades! 

It has the great advantage of relaxing without falling asleep, and then returning to work with a refreshed mind .

It is perfectly suited to office life because the chair takes up little space and it is practiced dressed, in 15 to 20 minutes per person.

Our customers congratulate themselves on the positive image they give to their teams by offering them this unique moment of well-being.

Your teams will be grateful to you for this gift

to really take care of them before returning to work in great shape …

We are here to create with you the wellness program that is best suited to the needs and desires of your team :

  • pace and schedule (single event, wellness day, wellness week, or regular appointment)
  • seated massage with our professional equipment, foot massage, or shiatsu (details below)
  • possibility of creating a wellness program or day that mixes massage and other courses and workshops
  • massage with music and diffusion of essential oils, etc …

We take care of the organisation to make your life easier : 

  • we provide all the necessary equipment, professional equipment suitable for the office,
  • we provide replacements in the absence of your appointed masseur,
  • we help you in your internal communication to make your initiative a success,
  • we are in regular contact with your manager for feedback and to make the necessary adjustments so that you get the most benefits from your wellness program.

    A few words about these massage sessions in the workplace

    Chair massage (Amma)  – it is practiced fully clothed, on a special chair provided by us; a fusion of shiatsu and other techniques to release the many tensions accumulated in the upper body (skull, shoulders, back) ; very relaxing, it also has an effect on concentration and some headaches. This is a must, very popular with all.

    Shiatsu  – relaxation, release of tension and rebalancing of physical functions using pressure on meridian points; a gentler technique than acupuncture, which is closer to massage, but is practiced dressed (barefoot) and lying on a suitable mattress (provided) and which brings great relaxation while boosting energy circulation .

    Foot massage – Ayurvedic foot massage performed using a small metal bowl and dry oil, which stimulates and gives a lot of energy; is practiced on an ordinary office chair, with bare feet

    To receive a personnalised offer, adapted to your needs, which we will specify together, 

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