Individual sessions for Massage and Shiatsu

Every week (or at a pace that suits you) your massage therapist will come to your offices for your regular well-being appointment. Together we pre-determine the ideal schedule for you, and provide you with quality equipment.

All disciplines are perfectly adapted to offices : no oil, very little material (that we provide), a limited duration (15 to 30 minutes per person) but a maximum relaxation benefits. Ideal as a special well-being gift for some managing partner or for (some members of) your team, or during the well-being days of your company.

Here, there is no team building, everyone has their turn to be cocooned, and then comes out totally refreshed to better interact with others and be more creative. 

Sitting relaxing massage / Chair Amma massage – practiced dressed, seated on a special chair; a fusion of shiatsu and other techniques to release the many tensions accumulated in the upper body (skull, shoulders, back); very relaxing, it also has an effect on concentration and headaches. The tehrapist will use some relaxing music and essential oils if you like. 

Shiatsu – practiced lying down on a specific mat ; relaxation, release of tensions and rebalancing of physical functions by using pressure on meridian points; a technique softer than acupuncture, which is closer to the massage, but is practiced dressed and that brings a great relaxation while reviving the energy circulation.

Kansu foot massage – massage from Ayurveda, practiced with the use of a small bowl; it releases tension, fights insomnia and stress. Thanks to the reflex points of the feet, it stimulates the energies of the body and lets you re-start on the right foot!

Thaï massage – it is practiced lying down (on a specific mat) and dressed, for 30 minutes; a fluid and rhythmic set of movements of stretches and pressures using the thumbs, knees and feet, allowing a deep relaxation of tensions in the body and restoring the circulation of energies.