Do your teams suffer physically from tension in the shoulders, neck and back?

Are they also mentally tensed, exposed to a lot of stress, distracted?

Some are on the verge of burnout?

All this has an effect on the performance of your company.

Telecommuting and hybrid work have reinforced the need for teams to have a moment that feels good, that resources them,
a moment just for themselves, to relax, to help them deal with the stress of everyday life in these uncertain times.

It is also an excellent motivation for them to make the trip to their company offices, which are sometimes very empty since the generalization of hybrid work.

Chair massage sessions in companies will boost motivation and create a different work atmosphere!

Thanks to the chair massage offered in your offices, your employees will feel better in their bodies, more relaxed but also more focused.

And this for a much more reasonable budget than the one due to absenteeism…

The benefits of chair massage at office


The benefits of seated massage in the workplace have been studied for many years: its effects on reducing stress in the workplace have been established.

For starters, who do you know who doesn’t enjoy massage? Yes, there are very few of them 😉. And even more numerous are the followers when it comes to a massage performed dressed in casual clothes, and without oil. There you can count those who abstain on the fingers of one hand! Expect to see smiles in the corridors when employees come out of their session…

Another huge advantage of this massage technique is its duration. It may seem surprising, but in 10 to 20 minutes, this chair massage allows you to completely clear your head, recharge your batteries and release your physical tensions. After all, it was designed especially for offices, and it is derived from shiatsu, a very old therapeutic method of acupressure.

So it’s a wellness moment to offer to your teams that only takes a maximum of 25′ of work time per person… wow…

Let’s get back to the technical benefits of seated massage. Like any massage, it increases the production of 2 hormones – oxytocin and serotonin – which have a huge role on our mood and well-being: confidence, empathy, reduced stress, anxiety and depression.

Despite its short duration, it also has an effect on blood pressure, blood circulation, pain, immune system, and sleep (see our LinkedIn article on this topic). So a real preventive health benefit!

It has been shown to improve concentration, creativity and motivation, boost team spirit, and reduce absenteeism.

It’s no coincidence that Apple has been using it for decades!

Massage has the great advantage of relaxing without making you sleepy, so that you can return to work with a fresh mind.

Sitting massage is also ideal in companies because the adapted chair (very comfortable, that we provide) takes up very little space: a simple desk is enough, just a small space isolated from noise, where we diffuse a little music and essential oils. The moment of well-being can then begin without requiring much practical organization on your part.

Our clients are pleased with the positive image they give to their teams by offering them this unique moment of well-being, which is undoubtedly the most appreciated by the majority.


Your teams will be grateful for this gift to really take care
of themselves before returning to work in top shape…

We are here to create together with you the most efficient well-being program adapted to the needs and desires of your teams:

  • rhythm and timing (in a single event, in a well-being day, in a well-being week, or in a regular appointment)
  • seated massage with our professional equipment, or foot massage, or shiatsu (details below)

  • possibility to create a program or a well-being day that mixes massage with other courses and workshops

  • massage with music, with diffusion of essential oils, etc…

We take care of the organization to make your life easier:

  • we provide all the necessary equipment, a professional equipment adapted to the office and compact

  • we assure replacements in case of absence of your regular masseur

  • we help you in your in-house communication to make your initiative a success

  • we are in regular contact with your manager for feedback and to make the necessary adjustments so that you get the most out of your well-being program.

A few words about these corporate massage sessions

Chair massage (Amma)  – It is practiced fully clothed, on a special chair that we provide; a fusion of shiatsu and other techniques to release the many tensions accumulated in the upper body (skull, shoulders, back); very relaxing, it also has an effect on focus and some headaches. This massage is a must, and very popular with everyone.

Shiatsu  – Relaxation, release of tensions and rebalancing of the physical functions by pressure on the points of the meridians; a softer technique than acupuncture; closer to massage, but practiced with clothes on (bare feet) and lying on an adapted mattress (provided). This brings a great relaxation while restarting the energy circulation.

Foot massage – Ayurvedic foot massage performed with a small metal bowl and dry oil, which stimulates and gives a lot of energy; performed on an ordinary office chair, bare feet.

To receive a personalized offer, adapted to your needs, that we define together; 

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