Have the perfect yoga teacher at work with our dream team

Here is most of our team of corporate yoga teachers at work, chair massage therapists, nutritionists, and wellness experts all with multiple qualifications.

This team, which has been growing every day for 4 years, is led by Candice Barbé, the founder of Yoga@Office who will also be your main contact, will guide you in choosing the best wellness program for your company, choose the teachers and experts best suited to your needs and will organise everything to make your well-being experience a success for all participating employees, with the expected feedback for you.

Candice Barbé - Founder

My initial training was not intended for me to create this well-being business. I am a lawyer specialising in private international law, I taught for several years at ULB before turning to courts and tribunals. But my wasted hours were nourished with essential oils, Bach flower essences, meditation and Pilates!

When my daughter was born, I decided to follow my passion and after launching an organic skincare brand, I finally let my interest in moments of well-being take over by transforming a space for setting up a new yoga & Pilates studio in Ixelles, the La Vallée studio, which I still co-manage and launched Yoga@Office.

Having been employed for years, I know how difficult it is to make time for yourself in a typical work schedule. This is why I am delighted to be able to collaborate every day with firms who trust me to set up well-being programs and in such a way develop by leveraging their human capital !

Elise - Yoga & Workplace Wellness

Her flowing style, her taste for music and her great attention to everyone make Elise’s yoga sessions very precious moments. Her wellness workshops focus on breating and simple stretches at the work place and are ideal for improving your everyday office life ! 

Elena - Yoga

Elena is Russian but her soul belongs to India and yoga stole her heart as soon as she discovered it. A diligent practitioner for over 10 years, trained in Hatha and Yin, she gently and patiently shares her authentic form of yoga with continuous attention to strengthen the link between body and mind.

Pascal - Chair Massage & Do in

Trained at the iokaï school directed by a disciple of one of the founders of modern shiatsu, Pascal completed his range of energy treatments with thai yoga massage and Wùo taï and continues to explore all the techniques that could expand the quality of his movements.

Maddy - Healthy Food

Maddy is driven by the insatiable desire to help people (re) take responsibility for their own health. She is Naturopath, Nutritherapist, Sports Coach on therapeutic mini-trampoline and Monthly contributor to BioInfo magazine. A true modern-day druid, she offers the Morning Rituals workshop for Yoga@Office, daring to take the leap towards more vitality. Her solutions are natural, imbued with common sense and accessible to all, without losing sight of the notion of pleasure.

Tatiana - Yoga, Chair Massage & Do in

Tatiana has been running a yoga center for years, and she now manages the La Vallée yoga studio with Candice. She has attended many courses and is certified in shiatsu and Thaï massage. Her yoga sessions of unparalleled softness really harmonise body and mind. 

Marie - Chair & Foot Massage

Massage therapist specialised in Ayurveda, Marie offers you a seated massage working on the skull and back as well as a ayurvedic foot massage with a kansu bowl to stimulate and give energy. The olfactive and musical atmosphere it brings transports you to a moment just for you.

Elisa - Yoga & Workplace Wellness

Passionate about yoga since the age 13, Elisa is certified in Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, that she mixes with fer formations in other types of yoga and her meditation practice. She shares her knowledge with enthusiasm and adapts all her courses close to the participants. She also offers yoga classes with live music.

Aïcha - Yoga & Pilates

Forever fascinated by dance, Aïcha collaborated with several dance groups in the most varied styles before giving classes in Paris for several years. Also trained in yoga, she mixes stretching, floor bar, jazz,  choreography, yoga and Pilates to create unique lessons ! 

Alexandra - Yoga

Alexandra is American, linguist and personal trainer ; she decided to explore yoga to add more flexibility to the body. This fusion she created between fitness, that works on strength and endurance, and yoga, that insists more on breath work, patience, intention, make her classes energising and relaxing at the same time.

Valentine - Yoga

Certified in several types of yoga, she puts her communication skills and her smile at the service of her fluid and dynamic classes, perfectly adapted even to beginners. Her attention to details and pecularities of life at the office is a real pleasure in her classes.  

Sofia - Yoga

Sofia is in love with traveling, and practiced fencing at a high level. She is now a personal trainer, Yoga Teacher & Plant-Based Nutritionist. Through the conscious exploration of body, breath & mind, her goal is to have her students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Alexandra - Yoga
Geraldine - Massage therapist
Leen - Yoga, Workplace Wellness & Relaxation

Passionate about deep relaxation, bodywork, human psychology & emotional resilience, Leen is certified in Yoga, Yoga Nidra and always studying more about Yoga therapy. She guides people to rediscover a relaxed state in the body & mind, emphasizes the holistic importance of breath, body awareness & mental focus.

Gaëtan - Quality of sleep

Falling behind the scenes of sleep following the opening of a nap bar in the heart of Brussels, Gaêtan decides to resume studies in physiotherapy to bring a non-pharmacological approach to the management of sleep disorders. Investigator in sleep performance and pioneer in the field of sleep physiotherapy, he likes to remind people that sleep is half of health. For more than 5 years, he has been a trainer in sleep hygiene.

Najat - Quality of sleep

Najat was trained in the physiopathology of sleep to continue doing what she is passionate about: the transmission of knowledge to improve the quality of life for everyone. Today, she works in different sectors to raise awareness about sleep health. She attaches great importance to the transformation of people so that they can achieve their private and professional goals through healthy living and sleep. Her good cheerfulness and her pedagogy will make the nights of your employees much more restorative!

Nadia - Yoga

Nadia is Cretan and has large expertise in many forms of yoga and other holistic approaches like Tao ; very warm and soft, she explains with a lot of clarity the fluid movements that she loves, and surprises with her ability to influence any audience with her radiant calm…

Sien - Yoga, meditation & Do in

In love with traditional yoga and its concern for alignment, Sien sublimates this method by mixing it with yin yoga and yoga therapy and in sharing her communicative enthusiasm. She improves your mind-body connection. She assidously practices meditation and finds the words to communicate this valuable method to novices. 

Claudio - Sound Healing Relaxation

Claudio is passionate about sound and its vibratory, meditative and healing effects. Master of the gong, he also collects other sacred instruments such as singing bowls, Koshi chimes, Andean flutes, and many others whose sounds carry us deep within ourselves to rebalance, relax and revitalise us. 

Ethel - Healthy food
Giulia - Yoga

Professional dancer in international contemporary dance companies, Giulia is certified in many different varieties of yoga, both fluid and toning, as well as slower. She is constantly inspired by dance and martial arts to enrich her varied and creative classes. 

Liên - Yoga

Liên is passionate about the wisdom of the body. A certified Hatha Yoga and Embodiment teacher, she combines her interests for yin yoga, somatic movement, tantra philosophy, breathwork, mindfullness and more in her classes. With her soft voice and comforting presence, she will guide you through a gentle yoga practice to come home to yourself.

Chantal - Pilates

Chantal’s exceptional career in international dance companies (for ex. Franco Dragone) and then as a teacher in several dance schools, as well as her intense yoga practice, strongly influence her teaching of Pilates for which she has no rival… Soft and precise, she invites you to a better conscience of your body. 

Sébastien - Yoga & guided relaxation

Sebastien has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 12 years, in Paris and then in Brussels. He graduated in Sivananda and embellishes his lessons with techniques from many other schools and teachings. He was invited to teach in Disneyland Paris for yoga day 2019 with 300 participants. He guides the students with pedagogy, kindness and a lot of humour.

Elena - Yoga & Relaxation

As a visual Artist, Elena feeds from her creative and holistic vision of yoga. Certified teacher of several styles of Yoga and regenerative meditation of Yoga Nidra, she gently accompanies you with this relaxation technique guided towards a great inner soothing.

Rachel - Chair massage & Aromatherapy

A radiant beautician, also trained in herbal medicine, she offers relaxing cranial and back massage, which she can personalise with essential oils. Her original playlists add to the unique character of the moment that she offers. Her aromatherapy workshops focus on the essential oils that can help in managing stress. 

Sophie - Chair Massage & Do in

Sophie worked in the very stressfull film industry. To discovere shiatsu was a turning point in her life ! She’s now always deepening her knowledge of this meridian massage. She also proposes Do in classes, where the movements and automassages help the energies in our body to circulate with more fluidity.  

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