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Close-knit and relaxed workers always work better together

After this long period of working from home, your teams connections have weakened

They have partly lost those precious informal moments of contact (the famous coffee machine in particular!) which bind the members of a team together and allow them to work together effectively

They are more stressed than before

They do not even know some of the new colleagues who joined the office during the health crisis

They lost the rhythm that carried them before

And you know the budgetary impact of all this …

Your employees have a great need to be together in an informal moment,

around a pleasant subject & to renew these precious human links that no virtual meeting will ever replace!


Different team building activities

This crisis was an opportunity for Yoga@Office to develop original well-being team building activities, something else than yoga classes and massages

The importance of engaging in interactive workshops, fun and interesting topics is very beneficial for the welfare of your employees, whether in private life or in their professional lives

Who can ignore sleeping well, eat well or breathe well?


The benefits of well-being team building

These workshops, which last from 1 to 2 hours on average, are an opportunity for your teams to chat together before and after the sessions

They discover their colleagues in other facets during the workshop, and leave with tools, exercises and practical information that are very valuable for their daily well-being

They receive these activities as a gift from you because they see the direct use of them for their everyday life

But it also strengthens their health and well-being at work and therefore their performance!

By eating, sleeping and breathing better, they are more concentrated, more dynamic, more efficient

They have rediscovered with their colleagues this precious feeling of belonging to your company

These relaxed meetings are an opportunity to reestablish this fluid communication that unites your teams


Well-being team building workshops offered by Yoga@Office

Yoga@Office offers you a great choice of workshops to make teambuilding different

You unite your teams while strengthening everyone’s health and happiness!

You choose the activities that best meet your expectations

You can select a single workshop, combine several during a wellness day or even a wellness week, or even adapt the content of certain workshops, according to your needs

We are very flexible and above all we want to provide you with the activity you need!

So why deprive yourself of one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost the morale of your employees?

A simple and efficient organisation

We guide you step by step by determining your priorities and offer you the most suitable solution to your situation in terms of planning, duration, program

Then we support you to ensure the implementation of this well-being program in your company

We provide you with all the necessary information and visuals to ensure internal communication and make your initiative a success for your company

It’s easy and really fast,  because we take care of everything!

Candice Barbé , the founder of Yoga@Office, will be your privileged interlocutor in this process

She puts her expertise at your disposal to guide you and maintains a personalised relationship with each client

You also benefit from our exceptional quality / price ratio (no false modesty!)

You can therefore create more well-being at work at a reduced cost and thus find employees who are motivated and in good shape


And if your teams rediscovered the pleasure of working together,

what impact would this have on YOUR outreach to your customers?

A few words about these well-being team building activities in the workplace

Workplace wellness  – an inspiring mix to allow everyone to recharge their batteries in a few minutes in complete autonomy, at their workstation: movements and stretches practiced sitting or standing, breathing techniques and elements of mindfulness.

This is our most requested workshop, everyone likes it, everyone can find exercises that speak to them and the teams then have a base to recharge their batteries on a daily basis.

Morning rituals  – a workshop to transform your morning habits, for a day that is more efficient and full of good humor! Maddy gives you all her secrets in breathing, practical aromatherapy and above all in healthy food to avoid lack of energy and enthusiasm to start your day.

Healthy @ Home – a resolutely practical workshop focused on humor and everyday life teaches how to manage time and health through healthy eating, especially at the time of working from home. Lots of tips to sort your cupboards, better organise your shopping and create healthy lunches quickly and easily.

Sleep well ! – a unique workshop, very interactive and essential for everyone, to really discover sleep. Najat and Gaëtan explain everything about his cycles, the rituals and habits that he (un) prefers, the limiting beliefs about the subject. They invite you to do many exercises to finally have truly rejuvenating nights and stop waking up tired!

Total relax – regenerative guided relaxation that helps reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, calm the nervous system to have a feeling of peace and serenity and keep it in your daily life. It can be oriented towards more calm or towards more creativity and concentration, which makes it ideal even for lunchtime in a company! This workshop can also be accompanied by sound waves from singing bowls, which further accentuate the effects.

Digital detox – how to regain your ability to concentrate in a world where we are systematically distracted by screens, incoming e-mails, alarms … Ideal for creating new habits if your team works a lot all day but has the feeling that nothing concrete has been done, feeling dissatisfied and frustrated even demotivated and exhausted. A workshop based in particular on mindfulness, to work in a healthy and conscious way with more control over usage of time. 

Release your energy – an original workshop to discover several self-massage techniques for key areas of the body and other very accessible movements (even more than yoga!) To start your day with the best intentions!  

A mixture of stretching, yoga, and  do in, an oriental practice to release the circulation of energy in the body by stretching and stimulating different points.

Creative aromatherapy – a small group activity to smell and explore a selection of essential oils on the theme of concentration or relaxation. Very interactive, this workshop created by Rachel allows everyone to have personnalised advice and to leave with a synergy of essential oils in a roll on to apply as soon as the need arises.

To offer these workshops in your company,

or to create a wellness day or week,

we invite you to contact us now  !

Ateliers bien-être pour souder vos équipes - une autre vision du teambuilding