Would you like to establish new momentum in your teams so that they work in a serene state of mind and more conducive to efficiency ?

Are you keen to create teams that communicate fluidly and without conflict ?

Do you want to entice existing teams and attract new talents with an innovative employee wellness program, limiting turnover and absenteeism which you know has a cost and impact on your company?

Do you want to pamper your employees and retain them by offering them moments of wellbeing at work, so they return to work fulfilled and with a clear mind ?

The YOGA for office workers, CHAIR MASSAGE at work & WELLBEING WORKSHOPS that we offer reduce body tension, bringing calm, creativity and concentration and smoothen the relationships and the atmosphere within your team.

We accompany you step by step in the choice and the execution of the employee wellbeing program that is best adapted to the needs of your firm.

We make your life easier by taking care of the whole organisation while you focus on your core business alongside your healthy employees!

… and you demonstrate

a sincere and generous management to your employees

You offer your team a moment of breathing in the heart of their work day to relieve stress and recharge their batteries,

A gentle way to release muscle tension,

A practice that has long-term benefits on their resistance to stress, their ability to manage their emotions, their vital energy, effects that also extend into their private and family life …

They will be deeply grateful for this initiative!



We are committed to supporting you in the creation of your corporate wellbeing program, the one that best matches the situation of your company, the obstacles it encounters, its pace, its specificities.

Working with you step by step on the concept, advising you on the best choices. This is a fundamental step in setting up a wellness at work program to get the feedback you expect !

We will be happy to discuss with you and explain what we offer, but also to create new workshops or adapt certain content to your wishes and needs. We already propose a wide range of options like Mindfulness, Chair massage, relaxation, and a large choice of teambuilding activities. 

cours de yoga en entreprise
Massage assis au bureau
activité bien-être en entreprise

Yoga, Pilates & Do in

Discover how these group lessons focusing on the harmony of body and mind can lead your team to work with much more fluidity … Yoga for office workers is well known for its incredible benefits for decades now, and we also propose Do in that is yet more suitable for all type of person and age.

Chair massage at office

Offer a moment of total disconnection to your teams, who will come out relaxed, fresh-minded, and grateful for this gift ! Chair massage at work shows a lot of benefits too, for the employees as well as for their firm and is always the most appreciated form of wellness. 

Wellbeing workshops

These workshops allow your team to get to know each other from a different angle, by sharing in the learning of precious wellbeing tools. Our various themes include mindfulness at work, healthy food, soft skills and much more. We also propose a large choice of virtual teambuilding.  

Why choose to work with Yoga @ Office

to implement employee wellbeing in your firm ?

Our team of more than 25 teachers and experts all have long, varied and quality training courses to their credit, they are multilingual, experienced in business, and can adapt to different audiences. Their rich and interesting profile allows them to bring much more than just 1 hour of wellbeing to your office.

This vast team allows us to guarantee you courses and workshops in the niche of your choice, and to ensure replacements; you thus avoid the prolonged absences that you will encounter with an isolated professor.

We have 4 years of experience in corporate wellbeing, both in the private and public sector, in large firms as well as in micro-enterprises, for complete long-term programs such as more occasional interventions, like employee wellbeing day.

We offer this experience at your service to provide you with real support in choosing the ideal wellness at work program for YOU.

Candice Barbé, the founder, attaches great importance to maintaining personnalised and privileged relationships with each client and puts her expertise at your disposal.

Unlike many players, we focus on well-being activities only, to offer a coherent catalog in the areas that we excel in.

We offer very competitive prices, especially considering the quality of our service; we also regularly win public contracts.

Finally, we can provide you with all the accessories you need to organise classes on your premises.

So you can set up a wellness policy very easily and in a short time, because we take care of everything!

Also see what our customers say about us, they are the ones who talk about it the best … 

Dream Team


Discover our team of qualified teachers and experts in yoga for office workers, chair massage at office, and workshops for employee wellbeing



The answer to all the questions you would still ask yourself, about yoga, other wellbeing activities, their benefits and about us !

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Find out what our customers are saying about us …

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