Would you like to instill a new impulse in your teams, so that they work in harmony, in a serene state of mind more conducive to efficiency?

To find teams that communicate smoothly and without conflict? To reduce stress at work and thus improve the health of your employees? 

To attract new talent through an innovative corporate wellbeing at work policy? To limit turnover and absenteeism of which you are aware of the cost and impact on your company?

To pamper your employees and build their loyalty by offering them moments of wellbeing, so that they can return to work more fulfilled and with a clear mind?

In a word, would you like to improve the quality of life at work within your company?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Yoga@Office offers different YOGA CLASSES & WELLBEING WORKSHOPS in relaxation, mindfulness at work, healthy eating and many others.

These courses and workshops / teambuilding ideas that we offer reduce body tensions, bring calm, creativity and concentration, and improve the relationships and the atmosphere within your teams.

Team cohesion has been more than challenged since the pandemic, and the new hybrid work environment requires more imagination than ever before!

Our original team building ideas motivate the employees to come to the office, to exchange with colleagues they have sometimes not even met yet. 

These are moments that actively contribute to recreate that precious feeling of belonging to your company

How can a corporate wellbeing program remotely support the morale of your employees in hybrid work times?

In both small and large companies, remote yoga practice with a passionate teacher who has adapted his or her teaching to MS Teams gives excellent results.  

Hybrid formulas are also possible, where the teacher comes to your premises, for a live class or workshop with your teams present that day, and you ensure a virtual retransmission for those who telecommute. All options are possible to recreate an ideal atmosphere within your teams!

Whatever your preference, we accompany you step by step in the choice and the implementation of the corporate wellbeing policy most adapted to the needs of your structure.

We take care of the whole organization to make your life easier, while you concentrate on the heart of your business with healthy employees!

… and in this way you demonstrate to your employees
the sincerity of your benevolent management.

You offer your teams a moment of relaxation in the heart of their work day to evacuate stress and recharge their batteries;

A gentle way to release their muscular tensions;

A practice that has long-term benefits on their resistance to stress, their ability to manage their emotions, their vital energy, effects that also extend into their private and family life…

You are showing that you are serious about quality of life at work.

They will be deeply grateful for this initiative!

Thank you Candice for the perfect collaboration for the online yoga classes. I am delighted to work with you, impeccable management and communication and great yoga teachers. I recommend without hesitation; a big thank you .


I called upon Candice's services to set up a "wellness" plan in 2020 within our company. I can recommend Candice and Yoga Office: the flexibility, the choice of activities, the quality of the services provided and the kindness of the team members mean that we will certainly call on them again in 2021.

Coline, EVERIS

I contacted Candice to set up yoga classes in my department. She was very helpful and always listened and smiled. My colleagues and I are very happy with the weekly yoga classes. I highly recommend Yoga@Office!

Sophie, SNCB

Interesting workshop 'Wellbeing at the office'. Very useful tips and facts and this both for people who have no background in the field of meditation and mindfulness and people with more background in this. Great!


We have been working with Yoga@Office for over two years and it has been a real pleasure! The yoga classes given in the office or online are incredible! Our employees come away from these classes energized, and have really enjoyed this time for themselves! With this period of full telecommuting, it is more than important to have some time to relax! Thanks to Yoga@Office for these great classes!

Marie, AG insurance

Very good collaboration, professional service and specialized and attentive yoga teachers. Thank you Candice!

Géraldine, ETNIC

We had the opportunity to work with Yoga@office during the Easter weekend and we would like to thank them for their reactivity and professionalism regarding our late request. Indeed, to offer such professional massage services, in such a short time and on top of that on Easter weekend, is great! We had several very positive feedbacks about the massages and the kindness of your colleagues. Thank you again for your excellent services and we will definitely call on you again for other projects.

Patricia, AG insurance

They all enjoyed it...it was their day and they loved it!!! Thanks again and looking forward to working together again.

Isabelle, ASBL En Avant

Thank you so much for your kind message and for your support in organizing last week's event. It felt so good! Everyone was delighted, we really enjoyed the activity proposed by Elisa. I also hope to organize other activities with you, we can keep in touch in the next months.


I asked my colleagues for feedback and they all had a very positive opinion (I'm putting the messages below). On my side, I found it really nice and it made a good transition to an important meeting I had in the afternoon, it put me in the right frame of mind for that. We'll probably have to adjust the screen position for remote colleagues so that visibility is good, but it was still great! Here are some feedbacks:

Marie et l’équipe de IDEA CONSULT

"I LOVED IT! It was the perfect level of intensity (not too intense) in my opinion. I really appreciate the exercises that focus on our back, which is under so much stress if you work all day all week behind a computer sitting down. I hope these lessons can continue !"

Marie et l’équipe de IDEA CONSULT

"I really liked it! Very good teacher (in my opinion) and the exercises were perfect for during lunch (not too heavy but really a help to empty your mind/ lose a bit of stress and of course still a good practice to become a bit more flexible!)"

Marie et l’équipe de IDEA CONSULT

"It was a first for me. I also found it great and useful. 50 minutes is not expensive to clean your mind and body. For me the pace of the sessions should be considered at two week intervals from the beginning of the school year. Super clear coach with IM-PE-CABLE English."

Marie et l’équipe de IDEA CONSULT

The yoga classes and various workshops that we have offered to our employees have allowed us to expand our feel-good program and to introduce our employees to new things. The time for oneself that we offer during these moments is highly appreciated within the company.

Marie, AG Insurance


We have at heart to accompany you in the creation of your corporate wellbeing program, the one that best corresponds to the situation of your company, to the obstacles it faces, to its rhythm, to its specificities.

We work with you step by step in this reflection, advising you on the best choices. This is a fundamental step in the implementation of a corporate wellbeing program to obtain the feedback you expect and really improve the quality of life at work in your structure

We will be happy to discuss with you our offer, but also the possibilities to create new workshops, or to adapt certain contents to your wishes and needs.

Discover here under our offer, from group yoga practice, to mindfulness at work, chair massage, breathing exercises, and many other activities around wellbeing at work, all aimed at reducing stress in the office. 

cours de yoga en entreprise
Massage assis au bureau
activité bien-être en entreprise

Yoga, Pilates & Do in

Discover how these relaxing group classes – focused on the harmony of body and mind – can help your teams work more fluidly and greatly improve the quality of life at work in your company …

Chair massage at the office

Offer a moment of total disconnection to your teams, who will come out relaxed, fresh-minded, and grateful for this gift!

Corporate wellbeing workshops / Teambuilding

These workshops allow your team to get to know each other from a different angle, by sharing the learning of a precious wellbeing tool. This is an original team building idea!

Why choose to work with Yoga @ Office

to bring more wellbeing to your company ?

Our team of more than 45 teachers and experts all have long, varied and quality training to their credit. They are multilingual, experienced in business, and can adapt to different audiences. Their broad and interesting profile allows them to bring much more than just 1 hour of wellbeing at work.

This large team allows us to guarantee classes and workshops in the time slot of your choice; and to ensure replacements. Thus avoiding the prolonged absences that you would encounter with a lone teacher.

Since 2018 we have experience in corporate wellbeing, both in the private and public sectors. In large companies as well as in small businesses. For complete long-term programs or more specific interventions, such as a day or week of wellbeing at work.

We put this experience at your service to provide you with real support in choosing the ideal corporate wellbeing program for YOUR COMPANY. Candice Barbé, the founder, attaches great importance to maintaining a personalized and privileged relationship with each client and puts her expertise at your disposal.

Unlike other companies, we focus on wellbeing activities only, in order to offer a coherent catalog in the fields we master. Those fields that have a proven effect on the quality of life at work.

Our rates are very competitive, especially considering the quality of our offer. On a regularly base we also win public contracts. 

Finally, we can provide you with all the accessories you need to organize courses on your premises.

As we take care of everything, you can set up a wellbeing policy very easily and in a short time! 

See also what our customers say about us. They are the ones who speak out of experience …

Dream Team


Discover our team of yoga teachers, masseurs and other qualified experts in corporate relaxation, wellbeing teambuilding and other stress management activities at work



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